These top education blogs are such a powerful way to share ideas and experiences with each other. As such, I have learnt so much from the following blogs over the years that I wanted to tip my hat to them. Hopefully, there may be one or two that are new to you.

If you know of someone that should be on my top education blogs, please email.

[email protected] Toolkit – Ross Morrison McGill

[email protected] Toolkit is a multi award-winning blog by Ross Morrison McGill. Legendary amongst the teaching community; it has its own podcast, a whole section dedicated to resources and a number of books to support teachers.

teacherhead- Tom Sherrington

Started by former headteacher Tom Sherrington and author of The Learning Rainforest, who shares his vast experience in education. Tom now acts as an education consultant, both on and offline, travelling around the world and publishing books along the way.

The Cult of Pedagogy- Jenifer Gonzalez

In her own words Jenifer hopes to create a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence. We are constantly getting new ideas from the Cult of Pedagogy blog and podcast!

The Learning Spy- David Didau

Created by David Didau in 2011, The Learning Spy challenges the current curriculum and system of learning and has published books on how teachers apply psychological principles in to the classroom. Should be included on any top education blogs list!

Love to Teach- Kate Jones

Kate Jones, a Dubai based teacher, author and speaker is the creator of Love to Teach, providing research and resources for every classroom, Love to Teach is jam-packed with practical advice to improve learning in your classroom. 2018 saw the release of the Love to Teach book. Be sure to get your hands on it!

Mr P’s ICT Blog- Leeroy Parkinson

Mr P’s ICT Blog is full of fun posts bringing humour into teaching, from turning his classroom into a zoo using augmented reality to creating his own Love Island teacher-themed memes. Mr P (aka Leeroy Parkinson) shares how teachers can raise standards in the classroom through technology.

Love Learning- Debra Kidd

Debra is the founder of UK education conference Northern Rocks. Her blog, Love Learning is based on the mantra: ‘Make it Matter.’ Debra explains that not a single piece of knowledge that mankind has ever aqcuired came without a desire to know the answer to a question.

ICT Evangelist- Mark Anderson

Former teacher of over 20 years, Mark Anderson is now an author, speaker, and blogger who has written over 700+ blog posts about education. His award-winning top education blog ICT Evangelist is full of engaging and innovative articles about edtech and education as a whole.

Teaching it Real- Mark Enser

Teaching it Real is brought to you by Mark Enser, a teacher of 14 years and author of Make Every Geography Lesson Count and Teach Like Nobody’s Watching. The blog is full of thought-provoking articles to help you reflect on your teaching practice.

Mrs Humanities- Victoria Hewett

Mrs Humanities is a blog for teachers, educators and school leaders. Originally created as a place to share resources to enable others to reduce their workload, it now also offers insight into the issues, such as excessive workloads and mental health issues, experienced by teachers across the UK and further afield.

Ben Newmark

Are we really assessing learning? Why is teaching making you so poorly? And Why teach? These are just some of the important questions that Ben Newmark tackles in his blog. Ben is a deep thinker about education. He has an ability to reflect on the big issues in education with a good dose of humour and clarity.

Rogers History- Tom Rogers

As a regular columnist for TES, Tom is fast becoming a leading voice in education. As the blog title suggests, there are some great articles for history teachers, mixed with wider issues in education. Tom recently produced an excellent series of short videos about teacher well being, which you can find on his Twitter feed.

Daisy Christodoulou

Author of Seven Myths about Education and Making Good Progress? The future of Assessment for Learning; Daisy Christodoulou is currently working on a third book about education technology which will be published in 2020. Her superb blog dating back to 2011 tackles the perceived wisdom in education surrounding curriculum and assessment.

No Ordinary Classroom- Jeremy Hannay

Jeremy Hannay is the Principal of a West-London school who does things differently. His transformational leadership style comes across clearly through his blog and is infectious. What really stands out is Jeremy’s ‘common sense’ approach and emphasis on empathy, compassion and teamwork being the key to school improvement.

The Principal of Change- George Couros

The author of ‘The Innovators Mindset’ began his blog when he was a school Principal in Canada back in 2010, as a way of setting an example to his students about embedding critical thinking into everyday practice. Since then, The Principal of Change has grown to become one of the leading educational blogs worldwide.

Things I Notice in Schools- Mary Myatt

Mary Myatt is an education adviser, who works in schools talking to pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes. Her blog is full of wisdom based on real school experiences.

Mr Kemp NZ- Craig Kemp

Craig is a huge advocate for educational technology and the power of a PLN. Craig’s blog is a platform for teaching ideas, discussions and resources. He mainly discusses how to utilise educational technology to create engaging learning experiences.

Ramblings of a Teacher- Michael Tidd

The Ramblings of a Teacher provides valuable
insight into curriculum and assessment in primary education. Having trained for
and taught in middle schools, Michael writes expertly about how schools manage
the transition of students between the various phases of education.

…Just Wondering… – Kath Murdoch

…Just Wondering… is a thought-provoking blog on inquiry based learning. Kath’s blog posts will challenging your existing thinking as she address common myths about inquiry teaching and learning. Kath’s blog complements her published work very well and I strongly encourage all inquiry teachers to check it out and subscribe.

The Primary Head’s Blog

The last of my top education blogs, but certainly not the least. In the Primary Head’s own words: I am just a primary school Head Teacher trying to succeed as I tackle the multitude of issues that come as part of the ‘working in education for a lifetime’ package. The Primary Head writes about his own experiences of leading a primary school and educational issues of the day.


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